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Looking at the past 20 years, China's screen printing industry changes, screen printing technology from the simple process to the development of high-tech, screen printing industry from the past several industries supporting the development of today's industries are inseparable from the new historical period. Shanghai Ketchview accompanied the Chinese screen printing industry continues to progress and growth.


Shanghai Ketchview technical research mainly embodies the specialization of screen printing technology, such as PVC, PP, PET and other plastic sheet industry, requiring automatic drum screen printing machine with a single delivery, the machine is equipped with dust, in addition to static, high quality Electronic control double sheet inspection and other professional for plastic sheet printing characteristics of the device.

Shanghai Ketchview's technology development direction embodied in the integration of air and mechanical and electrical, the current developed countries, automatic screen printing presses widely used mechanical, pneumatic, electrical three mixed use of the transmission, with the printing of different objects to choose the appropriate transmission mode, To avoid the simple mechanical transmission easy to wear, low transmission efficiency, high energy consumption shortcomings, tend to high precision, servo. Once again digital, user-friendly interface to provide operators with more information, such as ink knife pressure, scraper angle, net distance, line speed, and even automatic version of the actual printing process, such as real-time information, So that the screen printing out of the experience of control, into the process of digital control of the new process control stage

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