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The 8th Beijing International Printing Exhibition


(CHINA PRINT 2013) will be held May 14-18, 2013 at the China International Exhibition Center, held a new museum, will be a comprehensive display of the world's printing industry, the world's printing industry, The new technology and new products as the goal, through and around the world printing and equipment equipment industry colleagues exchanges and dialogue for the supply and demand sides and the Chinese printing industry to bring new opportunities for development. Exhibition area will reach 120,000 square meters, the audience is expected to reach 160,000 people. As the most influential international printing exhibition in China, Shanghai Gengchi Gengchi with the most advanced GST720 automatic stop rotary drum screen printing machine GWD automatic paper frame bake Road, GST1020 automatic stop rotary drum Net printing machine GUV automatic UV light curing machine GSZ automatic feeder products with advanced technology, stable performance by Chinese and foreign customers praise. Equipment is also on-site signing, which also feel the strong support of customers!

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