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1.The dryer is widely used for drying UV ink printed on paper, PCB, PEC and nameplate of instrument printings etc.
2.It uses special wavelength to solidify the UV ink. Through this reacting, it can give the printing surface high hardness, brightness, anti-attrition and anti-solvent features.
3.The conveying belt is made of TEFLON imported from American; it can endure high temperature, attrition and radiation.
4. The steplessness speed-adjusting device makes driving more steadily. It can be available to many printing modes whatever handwork, semi-automatic and high-speed automatic printing.
5.Though two sets of air-blower system, the paper can adhere to the belt firmly;
6.The machine can work in many modes: single-lamp, multi-lamps or half-power solidifying etc. which can save electric power and extend the lamps life.
7.The machine has stretching device and automatic rectifying device. They can be adjusted easily.



Max.Conveying Width(mm)


Conveying Belt Speed(m/min)


Lamp’s power x Lamp’s Quantity(kw x unit)

 9.6 x 3

Total Power(kw)


Total Weight(kg)


Exterior Dimension(mm)


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