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GSP/GST Series Automatic UV (Spot) Producing-line is not only used in the UV (spot) varnish, but also used in various UV color ink printing. If equipped with high-pressure Hg-limp, the complete line will be suit for the special effects UV varnish ink printing, such as abrasive, wrinkle, snow, crystal, reflection, bubble etc.
Full and fresh ink effects, strong 3D feeling, and shade, enough thickness of the ink, all the excellence are decided the complete line is much popular in the recent market.       

1.Press GSP-720/GSP-780(GST-720 / 800) + UV Dryer GUV-900 + Sheet Stacker GSZ-1020;
2.Press GSP-1020(GST-1020 / 1050) + UV Dryer GUV-1020 + Sheet Stacker GSZ-1020;

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