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GSZ services Sheet Stacker is accessorial equipment to automatic cylinder screen printing machine. It is used to collect and pile paper which can improve your product efficiency.
This machine is made up of input-bracket mechanism, pushing-paper mechanism, piling-board up-down mechanism and electric control system.
1.Input-bracket mechanism contains conveying belts and blowing device. The conveying belts are drove by motor, which speed is adjusted by transducer. The blowing device is used to blow-up the paper to move a distance after the paper leave from the belt. The paper will continue to go ahead by the airflow. Then the blowing is shut off, the paper drop down to the piling-board.
2.The pushing mechanism is drove by pneumatic cylinder. The position of the cylinder is adjusted easily, so as to suit for to different size paper.
Note: the air compressor is not provided; the cylinder working air pressure is 0.4MPa.
3.Piling-board up-down mechanism is drove by four synchro chains from electromagnetic motor. The board can be stopped accurately with a certain level; 
4.Electric control system is controlled by PLC. The system is convenient and safety.



Max. Paper Size(mm)


Min. Paper Size(mm)


Max. Height(mm)


Total Power(kw)


Total Weight(kg)


Exterior Dimension (mm)L×W×H


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