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First, the installation of equipment, debugging

(A) technical preparation

1, in the equipment to reach the demand side of the factory, the demand side to be provided by the donor to provide the overall size, ready to install the equipment / operation required space;

2, in the equipment to reach the demand side of the factory, the demand side to be provided by the supply side of the power supply, air supply specifications and location drawings, equipment required to install / run the necessary equipment and gas source;

Note: Our company models are not equipped with power lines, need to prepare the factory ahead of schedule, GST-1050 main power line for the 5-wire system 6m ㎡, GUV / IR-1020 for the 5-wire 10m ㎡, length, Figure and factory custom.

3, the equipment to reach the demand side of the factory, the demand side should be responsible for preparing personnel, equipment unloading and handling to the ready to install the location;

4, equipment placed during installation, the demand side should be prepared according to the requirements of the installation staff to prepare the trial screen with the screen, ink, and the demand side of the conventional paper in order to achieve the best test results.

(B), installation, commissioning

1, in the equipment installation, commissioning process, the demand side to determine the equipment operators should follow the installation side of the entire installation staff in order to explain at any time in the installation and commissioning of some of the problems;

2, equipment unloading process, unloading personnel should be installed according to the direction of the installation of the order of the orderly placed: ①, the main oil pan; ②, printing host; ③, paper feeder; ④, light curing machine; Receiving machine.

3, installation and commissioning test procedures and timing:

Installation and commissioning steps (two days):

A) host installation

3) the host to play the level; left and right rack, drum; 4) Feida positioning, playing level; 5) feeder and host connection (4) )

1, screw connection, 2, the main drive connection, connecting plate, upper tension wheel, 3, feeding transmission chain, upper tension wheel, 4, feeder cable connection; 6)

7) air feeder connection: trachea, cable; 8) on the ink tray, left and right pedals, guard, tool box; 9) on the feeder, the host feeding pressure bar;

Two) light curing machine installation

1) in place, on the foot; 2) operation panel installation; 3) wiring, test positive and negative: wiring is, the outlet wind, anti, force small; 4) access to trachea

C) the collection machine installed

1) in place, on the foot; 2) wiring, test positive and negative, access to the trachea; 3) connected with the host.

Trial run (one and a half days):

Four) host adjustment

1) on the paper, Feida head adjustment; 2) pre-stacking device use; 3) Feida feeding time adjustment; 4) front side adjustment (position, pressure); 5) lubrication points lubrication

Five) printing adjustment

1) on the version, roughly on the version; 2) add ink, pressure adjustment; 3) fine on the version, before and after / left and right adjustment,

Six) online action

1) light curing machine enabled: transport, lamp, three minutes after the start of cooling and adsorption

2) Receiver adjustment: left / right / after the paper, and the host online function

3, the installation of adjustment training should focus on: a) - 5) feeder and host connection; four) host adjustment; 5) printing adjustment;

4, the supply side of the installation and commissioning personnel should be required to the operator to explain the various buttons on the device, touch screen buttons, adjust the use of handwheel and use;

5, the supplier installation and commissioning personnel should be to the operator to explain the GST-1050 often problems and corresponding solutions, such as: ①, overprint is not allowed; ②, poor delivery (such as double sheets, broken Zhang); Curing effect is poor; ④, the host alarm.

Third, personnel training

1, the GST-1050 and UV curing, automatic collection machine training is mainly concentrated in the installation and commissioning process to complete the process, the whole process takes about 3 days; another 1 day, by the demand side operators for the actual operation Party training personnel only on-site guidance;

2, the printing before the stretch, coating, plate, copy and other aspects of training if the need for no professional staff, then add a day to complete; in the process of the problems that arise, because of many reasons, To or explain, need to be in the future operation of the operator to do the phone or other means of training, guidance;

Note: Under normal circumstances, the installation and training time for 3 days, up to no more than 5 days, more than 5 days later, we will be charged according to certain standards, if the need to extend the training time, please inform in advance so that the supplier Conduct staffing.

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